Moralosity: Moral Perfectionism

Moralosity is a term to describe non-religious scrupulosity and moral perfectionism. Some moralous people are concerned there is a cosmic bookkeeper tracking negative thoughts, feelings, and behavior. They fear any false move could produce dire consequences to the universe, in the person’s life, or the lives of their loved ones.

Some people worry about “karma” (what goes around, comes around) and that mistakes, negative thoughts/feelings, and behavior will come back to haunt them. They worry that mistakes are proof of inadequacy or bad moral character, that mistakes should not happen, and they happen because not enough care was taken to prevent them.

They worry if they relinquish control of their perfect morals, they will become a sociopath, engage in debauchery, become completely selfish, or act impulsively or out of control. They often doubt their honesty and over-explain things until they feel “right”, even when they know doing so might be inappropriate.

They perform magical rituals to placate malevolent or superstitious forces.

Most importantly, people forget that they are far afield from normal rules of morality, and that they are distressed by their obsessive fears is proof that are, and have always been, good people.